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Our offer

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Operational Management and Supervision

  • 24/7 monitoring of PV power plants and their parameters.
  • Nationwide service coverage in Poland, rapid crisis interventions.
  • Data analysis and optimization of settings.
  • Predictive identification of faults and elimination of root causes before they occur.
  • Warranty and spare parts management, warehouse maintenance.
  • Collaboration with the Distribution System Operator to ensure compliance with required procedures and current regulations.
  • Reporting and continuous communication with the client.
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Specialized electrical measurements

  • We conduct tests of transformers, substation equipment, and electrical installation components using the high-quality tools from the Megger company.
  • We perform all the necessary tests for certifying industrial and commercial electrical installations.
  • We offer diagnostic tests for transformers, including resistance measurements of coils and switches. We conduct timing tests, station voltage tests, coil current tests, and circuit breaker charts.
  • We also measure grounding and insulation resistance. Using voltage tests on cables and insulation shields, we pinpoint the precise location of coating damage.
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Technical Support for Manufacturers

  • ROVA SYSTEMS provides comprehensive technical support services for manufacturers of electro-energetic equipment.
  • We conduct all servicing and warranty repairs.
  • We offer technical support for users and solutions to enhance service operations.
  • Our specialized consultants provide continuous technical support through a multilingual hotline.
  • We collaborate with manufacturers of various electro-energetic equipment, including inverters, energy storage systems, and transformer stations.
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Post-execution audits

  • We verify compliance with the executive project and the correctness of construction and electrical work for accounting, warranty, and optimization purposes.
  • The audit includes checking the quality of execution and the condition of structures, protective coatings, electrical connections, and inverters, as well as using thermal imaging cameras to inspect panels.
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Maintenance and service

  • Preventive Service – carrying out planned warranty inspections or other required visits.
  • Emergency Service – promptly provided in the event of failures, anomalies, or detected damages.
  • Predictive Service – utilizing analytical tools and techniques, leveraging all available data/signals sent from the devices.
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Other services

  • Green areas maintenance – grass mowing and additional maintenance work related to the upkeep of the PV farm grounds.
  • Reconstruction and modifications of existing PV installations.
  • Implementation of the requirements of the Grid Code regarding the connection of generating units (PV Plant) to the grid (commonly NC RfG).
  • Specialized service actions.
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